It’s a ton of effort for little results.

Let’s say you engage 100 net new contacts per week:

▶︎ 3 hrs to find 25-50 accounts 

▶︎ 3 hrs to find 100 contacts from those accounts

▶︎ 8 hrs to research 100 contacts

You’re already at 14 hours on the week without doing any actual prospecting yet.

▶︎ 2 hrs for sales admin. (queuing sequences, organizing data, etc.)

▶︎ 4 hrs to send LinkedIn connection requests, send follow up videos or DMs

▶︎ 8 hrs to call and leave voicemails

▶︎ 5 hrs of talk time spent doing discover/qualification (ii you’re lucky!)

▶︎ 2 hrs for internal obligations (meetings)

▶︎ 5 hrs to follow up with prospects from previous week’s prospecting

Total hours: 40 hours

✅ Scenario 1:

6 responses

2-3 negative replies (not interested, take me off your list)

2 neutral replies (reach out next quarter)

1-2 meetings set

✅ Scenario 2

Now if you had a 25%-35% response rate, everything changes:

25-35 responses

10-15 negative replies

10-12 neutral replies

5-8 meetings set

Want to know what it takes to get those types of results? 

Check out the slides from my convo with Sam Crew over at ExtraHop.



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