Sending videos to your dream clients can sound kind of daunting. Nothing to fear, we got you covered! We put together a guide to get you started in less than five minutes.

Here's what to expect from this guide:

  • The tool we recommend for sending videos
  • Step-by-step directions for sending videos to your dream clients
  • A script for exactly what to say in your videos
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Here's what others are saying:

"As a small nonprofit organization, I wear many hats and don't have the time to spend pitching. Working with Blissful Prospecting has allowed me the time to focus on making the partnerships come to life and bring them more value. The Blissful team really gets us and are able to capture our unique voice in the outreach!"

- Shaney jo Darden, founder at Keep A Breast Foundation

"Jason Bay is, hands-down, one of my go-to sources for information about prospecting. To say he's an expert is an understatement. He intuits what's working and what's not, and has the data to back it up. I was thrilled to interview Jason on my podcast, The Show, where he shared (some of) what he knew about prospecting. I also regularly refer business to Jason and recommend him to my own prospects who want done-for-you prospecting."

- Liston Witherill, founder at

"I am so grateful for Jason and Sara and their incredible knowledge with LinkedIn and email campaigns. I couldn't believe how much I didn't know! It's been amazing for my company and my own workflow using what Blissful Prospecting has taught me. And they are a joy to work with. I could not recommend them enough!"

- Laura Latimer, founder at Nomadicare

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