As soon as you answer the phone, there’s a moment of stress and uncertainty.

Is this someone I know?

What do they want?

Can I trust this person?

The longer it takes the person to introduce themselves and the reason they’re calling, the more stressed you become.

Now let’s say a coworker calls you from an unknown number. 

Right when you pick up the phone, you have the same response as you would to a cold call.

But as soon as they introduce themselves, the alarm bells stop ringing. The person is familiar.

The uncertainty disappears and a conversation takes place.

A similar effect can be created during a cold call by removing uncertainty for the prospect:

✅ Prospect to people engaging with your LinkedIn content, visiting your profile, or that connect with you.

✅ Instead of calling every prospect on your list, save your calls for the prospects who’ve opened, but not responded to your emails. Follow the engagement.

✅ Instead of a top-down approach, do the opposite. Talk to prospects a level or two lower than normal and use those conversations to bring insider information to the decision-makers.

How do you warm up your cold calls to be less of a surprise to your prospects?

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