What’s the difference?

Your intentions as a leader. And how it’s received as the individual.

No one likes to be micromanaged in sales. It implies that the person is incapable of making the right decisions.

You don’t trust them. So you dictate “how” they should go about their work.

It’s a terrible feeling when the person leading you doesn’t trust you.

On the other hand, most people crave accountability.

But it requires trust. It’s giving the individual the benefit of the doubt. Allowing them to help come up with the plan and the “how” part together.

Then gaining their trust by assuring them you’ll do your best to look out for them and help when necessary.

I don’t buy into the whole “you have to earn my trust” BS. To get trust, you have to give it.

Trust that your team is doing what they can. And that their intentions are to do a good job so they can make a living.

Accountability is a two-way street. Both parties buy into it.


How is micromanagement different from accountability to you?


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