Here’s what people are saying so far:

“Holy smokes look at that lineup.”

“This is a star-studded cast.”

“Looking forward to being a part of this. Both as a presenter and as an attendee.”

And my personal favorite, “Ditch the Netflix salesguys…here is our show.”

40 speakers will be sharing their best tips, strategies, and tactics for cold emails, cold calls, LinkedIn, personal branding, mindset, psychology, and much more.

The best part? The talks are LIVE (nothing pre-recorded), and there’s only 2-3 per week.

You’ll have plenty of time to keep up without worrying about webinar burnout and being bombarded with content.

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If you missed the first announcement, Session 1 kicks off June 23rd with Art Sobczak.

Here are the Session 2 speakers:

Rajiv ‘RajNATION’ Nathan

Belal Batrawy

John Barrows

Seth M. List

Colleen Stanley, CEO

Darryl Praill

Kendra Lee

David Dulany

Dale Dupree

Lori Richardson

Todd Caponi

Liston Witherill

Larry Levine – Selling From The Heart

Leah Neaderthal

Andrea Waltz

Alex Boyd

David Priemer

Jake Jorgovan

Jeff Bajorek

Jeremey Donovan

Justin Welsh


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