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Why I Love This App

Great design helps your business look top notch. If you sell a high ticket product or service, make sure it looks high ticket!

Canva is a great tool for social media image templates, slide templates for sales calls, or images for your website.

Click here to check it out (most features are free!).




Why I Love This App

GIFs are a big part of our email strategy. If you use memes / GIFs in your cold outreach, while adding value, reply rates will get a significant bump.

Giphy is a great place to find just about every GIF you can think of, along with tools to create your own.

Click here to check it out (it's free).




Why I Love This App:

Ever have the need to quickly mark up an image? Or point to a specific part of an image in an email?

If so, you need to grab Skitch. It's a great tool for taking screenshots and adding texts, arrows, and whatever else you need to communicate your message properly.

Click here to check it out (it's free).




Why I Love This App

One thing in common I see in many cold emails I review is grammar errors.

We use Grammarly to spell check emails before we send them and it keeps us from embarrassing ourselves and our clients.

Click here to check it out (it's free).




Why I Love This App / Tool:

Hemingway comes in handy for social media posts, articles, and writing cold emails.

Copy / paste your copy into the app, and Hemingway will provide recommendations to improve your writing. I use this app to proofread and provide the final edits for my LinkedIn posts, blog articles, and cold emails.

Click here to check out the app (it's free).

List Building



Why I Love This App

Airtable is like Google Sheets on steroids. It's a great tool to organize your goals, projects, and other documents.

On their website, they say they're "part spreadsheet, part database." I would also add "part easy to use for nontechnical people."

Click here to check it out (plans start free).

Apollo logo

Why I Love This App

The best list building tools out there. You can build list account-based style through the platform, use it with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or use their Chrome extension on the prospect's website. They also have access to direct dials along with emails.

Click here to check it out (first 50 contacts are free).



Why I Love This App

If you're seeing higher than a 5% bounce rate you need to validate your email addresses. Too many bounces will trigger Gmail's and Outlook's spam filters.

NeverBounce is as easy as uploading a .csv file with your contacts and in a few minutes it'll let you know invalid and questionable emails.

Click here to check it out ($.008 apiece for up to 10,000 emails).


Power Tools


Why I Love This App

If you've ever needed to format a spreadsheet with 1,000+ rows it can be a pain. Especially if you need to remove a character, or reformat phone numbers.

With Power Tools, you run bulk tasks like removing spaces at the end of cells, removing words within cells, or splitting cells...all at the click of a button. If you're dealing with big prospect lists, you need to check out this tool.

Click here to check it out (free 30-day trial, $43.20 / year).


Mail Tester 


Why I Love This App

Mail Tester is the best tool for quickly testing the deliverability of your cold emails and newsletters.

Send them an email, and in a few seconds you'll get a detailed report of what is and isn't working. Shoot for a 7/10 or higher.

Click here to check it out (it's free).



Why I Love This App

MixMax allows you manage critical prospecting workflows within Gmail: sending emails, making calls, managing tasks, sending LinkedIn connection requests, and scheduling all in one place.

I highly recommend using MixMax if your prospecting is reaching a volume where it's becoming hard to maintain the admin work.

Click here to check it out (plans range from $9-49 per month).




Why I Love This App

For $.99 - $1.99, you can send a personalized postcard with a custom photo anywhere in the United States. I use Postagram send thank you cards after a big sales call, to clients on their birthday, and to prospects I'm working on.

Hand-written thank you cards are great, but this is the next best thing. Can't beat the price and the time saved by sending from them through your phone.

Click here to check it out ($.99 - $1.99 / post card).


Boomerang For Gmail (and Outlook)


Why I Love This App:

Boomerang allows you to cue up reminders when people don't respond to your emails. For example, I use Boomerang to notify me when an email I sent doesn't get a response after 48 hours. This saves me hours of follow up time and digging back through my sent folder.

Boomerang just added a new feature called Inbox Pause. I use this feature to pause my inbox when I'm responding to old emails. It keeps me from getting distracted when new emails come in.

Click here to download the app for Gmail. Outlook version here.



Why I Love This App

It's amazing how few salespeople use a scheduling app. Calendly is one of the easiest tools I've found that prevents back and forth emails when scheduling meetings with prospects.

The harder it is to schedule a meeting, the less likely a prospect will meet with you. Make it easy with Calendly.

Click here to check it out (free and paid plains starting at $8 per month).


Full Page Screen Capture


Why I Love This App

Full Page Screen Capture allows me to take a scrolling screenshot of an entire page in one click. It's great for taking pictures of a website before you redesign it. Or a social media page before you take it over.

I use it to take pictures of LinkedIn profiles before we start client work so we can show the before and after.

Click here to check it out (it's free!).




Why I Love This App

Documentation is a key aspect of scaling your business. We use Guru at Blissful Prospecting to teach new employees our systems and tasks. It's improved our team's productivity by making it easy to provide step-by-step directions for everything repeatable in our business.

Guru also has a Google Chrome extension allowing access to all of your documentation and tasks while opening the web tab you're performing the task in.

Click here to check it out (starts at $19 / user per month).




Why I Love This App / Tool:

I send quite a few large attachments in emails. People always complain about them, and they rarely get opened. iLovePDF is a super simple tool for scaling down the size of PDFs and picture files without sacrificing quality.

If you're making slide decks, PDFs, proposals, or large images you're gonna want to check out this tool.

Click here to check out the app (it's free).


Launch Center Pro


Why I Love This App / Tool:

Launch Center Pro helps you speed up everyday tasks. Let's say you're looking for a coffee shop to work from. Normally, you'd open up Yelp, type in "coffee shops," and then select a place to check out.

With Launch Center Pro, you can start entire sequences like that with one press of a button. Dozens of similar use cases exist for this app. I use it religiously, and it saves me a ton of time each week.

Click here to check out the app ($2.99 on the iTunes store)


OneTab Chrome Extension

Image result for onetab extension

Why I Love This App

Google Chrome is notorious for draining your computer's ram and slowing down your browser speed. OneTab is a great way to minimize tabs you're not using, without losing them.

Click here to check it out (it's free).


Open Multiple URLs


Why I Love This App

Ever need to open up a list of URLs from a spreadsheet? Well, instead of opening them individually use Open Multiple URLs to open them all at once.

This app is pretty handy when we're looking through a big list of companies to see if they're a good fit to prospect to or not.

Click here to check it out (it's free).




Why I Love This App:

I noticed one day I was copying/pasting the same 10-15 lines of text over and over again—scheduling links, email responses, meeting responses, etc. With Paste, I can store everything I've ever copied into one place for easy access later.

This easily saves 15-30 minutes each day by eliminating back and forth copying/pasting. Paste costs $9.99 (I know, it's expensive for an app), but it's worth every cent.

Click here to check out the app (Mac users only).




Why I Love This App / Tool:

UpWork is the premier resource for finding and hiring great freelancers and VAs from all over the world.

UpWork provides data on how a freelancer was rated on past projects, their length of time on the platform, the amount earned, and overall satisfaction rating from other people who've hired them.

Click here to check out UpWork.




Why I Love This App

"Easy automation for busy people." Their tagline describes it best. If you aren't taking advantage of automation, you're missing out.

We use Zapier to help our CRM, proposal software, email, and Slack work together. See if Zapier can help automate the mundane tasks in your business.

Click here to check it out (free, with premium packages starting at $20 / mo).




Why I Love This Tool

If you run a SaaS company, this is a great tool for identifying competitors. And if you're looking for alternative products to your current tech stack, this is a great tool as well.

I use alternativeTo to find competitors of prospects to prep for sales calls, and also to make sure we're using the best software possible for our business.

Click here to check it out (it's free!).




Why I Love This App:

Doing a manual search online to compare software solutions sucks...and it can take hours. I used Crozdesk when I was comparing CRM solutions. I was debating Pipedrive vs. Salesforce, and I didn't know what else was out there for small business owners.

With Crozdesk, I could do a side-by-side comparison of pricing, features, and reviews—helping me find a solution that fit my specific needs in just a few minutes.

Click here to check out the tool (it's free!).


Crystal Knows


Why I Love This App:

Crystal helps increase response rates by giving insights into the prospect's personality. I use Crystal to customize emails and LinkedIn messages to enhance my messaging. This tool is super dope!

Click here to check it out (free and paid plans).



Why I Love This App

Owler is a great way to track companies you're prospecting to. You can set up notifications for trigger events you can mention in your outreach.

Click here to check it out (free and paid plans).




Why I Love This App:

I recommend Pipedrive to any B2B small business. It's simple to use, and only takes an hour or two to set up. I have yet to find another CRM simple, powerful, and integrates with other tools.

If you aren't currently using a CRM, sign up for Pipedrive!

Click here to check it out (plans start at $15 / month).




Why I Love This App

If you're still writing proposals using Word and sending PDFs, you need this tool. We use Proposify to create beautiful proposals in minutes that our clients can e-sign. Proposify integrates with just about every tool out there, and it makes the proposal process a breeze.

Don't make it hard for prospective clients to start working with you.

Click here to check it out (plans start at $30 / month).




Why I Love This App:

With all of the cyber security craziness going on lately (Equifax...cough...cough) it's smart to use encrypted passwords. But generating an encrypted password, not to mention remembering it, can be quite the challenge

LastPass does both and can manage all of the passwords on your phone and computer.

Click here to check out the tool (it's free, and the paid plan is only $2 / month).




Why I Love This Tool

Setting clients up on large recurring payments is a huge challenge. PayPal has a way, but you have to gather payment details over the phone or have the client fill out a document. Stripe has a way, but it requires some coding.

MoonClerk allows you to to set up recurring payments easily through Stripe. No coding required. Create a form, then send it directly to the client or embed it on your website.

No transaction-based fees either. It's a flat monthly fee based on revenue volume. We just implemented MoonClerk and it's made billing a breeze.

Click here to check it out (paid plans starting at $15 / mo).




Why I Love This App

Security is a big issue these days. Passwords are getting hacked left and right. If your clients send you password credentials through email, make them use Privnote. It encrypts the message and deletes it shortly after viewing.

Click here to check it out (it's free).




Why I Love This App / Tool:

I like knowing when emails open are tracked. UglyEmail blocks email tracking so that senders won't know if you're opening their emails.

This app comes in handy when you don't want to respond to someone's emails—especially if you're opening everything they send your way.

Click here to check out the app (it's free).

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