A backwards hat and t-shirt don’t look good to a prospect in an industry that dresses up.

Especially to a prospect that’s already skeptical that you’re in your early twenties, have little experience, and are talking about how you can help with their multi-million dollar business problem.

How you dress isn’t everything.

But prospects judge a book by it’s cover. Big time.

People make subconscious judgments on your gender, skin color, looks, what you’re wearing, and your age.

None of those are fair, but it’s a reality.

The “how you dress” part is an easy one to tackle.

And dressing on par or one notch higher than your prospect is not too hard to do.

Work in tech and your prospects dress casual with a t-shirt? Try something with a collar, a sweater, or something just a notch up from a t-shirt.

Or at least wear your company swag.

Here’s the acid test: would you dress like that if you met the prospect in-person?

Listen in to what Jeff Bajorek and I have to say on the topic.



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