Let’s be real, you don’t have this problem.

Sure, there are some enterprise cases where this might come up.

But you’re likely not so overwhelmed with discovery/demo calls right now that you don’t have time to prospect. But you’re scared that it might happen.

And that’s where we can get into trouble. We focus on what MIGHT happen, instead of just dealing with it when the time comes.

Here’s a good rule of thumb if you’re selling and doing your own prospecting:

✅ Block off an hour at the beginning of every day to prospect for new business. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE time that you treat like date night. You can’t reschedule it.

✅ Then allocate the rest of your time on the opportunities closest to closing and then work your way backwards up the sales funnel.

This guarantees that you’re building new pipeline every week so you don’t run into trouble 2-3 months down the road.

And it helps you prioritize your time on the highest priority opportunities.

Check out the video for more thoughts from my good friend Jeff Bajorek.


How do you balance time between prospecting and selling?


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