It can quickly become a bad habit. And the health consequences of chronic fear are brutal.

Your immune system gets messed up. You have trouble sleeping. And you’re constantly irritable. 

Sound familiar?

Our body goes through a 3-step process when dealing with fear: 

1️⃣ Alarm – Your stress response kicks in

2️⃣ Resistance – Your body returns to a state of balance

3️⃣ Exhaustion – Your body loses its ability to resist

I’ve been in and out of the exhaustion phase many times over the last two months.

The source of your motivation is important.

Here are a few healthier ways for you to stay motivated:

✅ Review your values every morning. I measure success based on how well I’m living my values. Define your values and use them as a guide for your decision-making.

✅ Create a community. I couldn’t find a sales community that fired me up, so I created one. Join a community or create your own.

✅ Connect with peers. I’m intentional about the people we interview on our podcast each week. They’re not only great guests but potential friends. Connect with three peers this week on LinkedIn. Your agenda? Make a new friend. 

How are you staying motivated right now?

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