This is common sales and prospecting advice, and I hate it.

It’s one-dimensional. And it only addresses the salesperson’s point of view.

The more important point of view is that of the buyer.

Buyer’s want better. That’s all they care about. If being different helps them be better, they’ll take that too.

If you focus on being different, you’re making it about you and your product. And you can easily get into a features and benefits battle, instead of talking about results and value.

Not a place you want to be as a salesperson.

Instead, focus on learning about the prospect and their situation. 

Share how others in their industry are doing things differently. And because of that, how it’s helping them be better.

“Would love to share how our other [industry/category] are doing things differently than the rest of the pack to [drive a specific result, produce an outcome, fix a problem, etc.]. Worth chatting further about?”

Prospects care about how they can be better. Not taking your call because you’re different.


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