Cold emails and LinkedIn messages are starting to feel a lot like Facebook company page invites. 

The problem with mass invites is that they don’t make me feel…well, anything. Most of the time I ignore them.

Now if the person private messages me first, and says something like, “I just started this company that does ABC and I think you’d really dig it because of XYZ. Cool if I send you an invite to follow us?”

I’m all about that. It feels intentional. And it’s hard to ignore.

The person spent a few seconds thinking about ME.

And that makes me feel special.

The lesson here is: prospect the way you expect to be prospected to.

You don’t respond to mass blast emails and LinkedIn messages. Your prospects aren’t any different from you.

Show the prospect that your outreach was intentional in the first sentence of your cold email. In the first few lines in your cold call. And in the first line of your LinkedIn messages.

Make it hard for them to ignore you.

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