It’s a really insensitive way to respond to someone’s legitimate fears and concerns.

I’m not an expert in the Coronavirus. Or the economy.

But I know this: if I’m worried, anxious, or scared—“be positive” is the last thing I want to hear, and it’s never helped me feel better.

I can’t do anything with that.

Let’s face it.

Salespeople and sales leaders are scared. I’m scared. And for good reason.

No one knows how the next few months will shake out.

Reps are being told to continue prospecting and selling. “Business as usual” with little guidance from leadership.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you can’t prospect the same way you were two weeks ago. Unless you like being told to f*ck off.

So why don’t you admit that you’re worried? Fearful? Or uncertain?

Those are totally normal feelings to have right now.

Use this as an opportunity to get to know your team better than you ever have. Let them vent. Validate their concerns.

And take massive action together to figure this thing out.

Your team needs your empathy, not another motivational speech.

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