Cold outreach is tough. It takes years to master.

You’re sending emails. Making calls. And LinkedIn—personalized or blank connection request?

There are hundreds of variables. And no shortcuts.

No magic scripts, templates, or phrases that work every time.

But the cool part? There are learnable frameworks.

It’s a special thing when you have an outbound machine producing consistent results month in and month out. Those become your best clients and your most effective client acquisition channel.

You connect with companies that would never find you organically through inbound channels.

If you loved Becc Holland’s Personalization at Scale series, you’ll love the sequel.

She’s doing a deep dive on what to do when the prospects don’t respond to your first cold email.

It’s the same process the team uses to produce 80%+ open rates, 35-40% reply rates, and 15-25%+ conversion rates into meetings.

Tune in with me and Becc live today at 10am PT / 1pm ET for a masterclass on how to structure your cold outreach sequences.

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