Belal Betrawy brought this up in an interview with Predictable Revenue.

He said that the best practice is not usually a best practice. It’s the common practice. 

It made me think of several “best practices” that are really just common practice when prospecting. Old advice that couldn’t be further from the truth:

⛔️ “The only reason for interacting with a gatekeeper is to get past them.”

✅ Gatekeepers are “assistants” (thanks Art Sobczak) and their job is to help. Work with them to get in touch with the decision-maker.

⛔️ “If I can just perfect my pitch…”

✅ The elevator pitch is DEAD. I don’t think it was ever a thing in sales. It might’ve worked for pitching your startup, but it doesn’t work anymore in a cold call. Instead of perfecting your pitch, perfect your understanding of your customers and their challenges.

⛔️ “Salespeople shouldn’t be content creators…they should be dialing!”

✅ Outbound 3.0 is all about thought leadership. Salespeople need to become marketers and utilize a push AND pull strategy when prospecting.

What is a best practice you’ve learned in your sales career that was really just a common practice?

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