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Featuring Jonathan Mahan, AE at BombBomb

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Jonathan Mahan

AE at BombBomb

Jason Bay

Co-Founder at Blissful Prospecting

What to Expect

Follow Jonathan Mahan's journey as he learns how to do outbound sales as an Account Executive at BombBomb.

His biggest challenge? He's never done outbound sales before and is used to working with inbound leads.

He'll work with Jason Bay from Blissful Prospecting 1on1 for six weeks. Jason has trained hundreds of sales reps and he's tasked with helping Jonathan set his first meetings from his cold outreach.

What does success look like? Jonathan walks away with a system he can use to add 3-5 meetings to his calendar every week.

And failure? Jonathan is being weaned off his inbound leads over the next 6 months. If he can't set his own appointments, he'll have no one to sell to and will need to find a new job.

Tune in for weekly updates and tactics you can learn from Jonathan to set more meetings from your cold emails, cold calls, and Linkedin messages

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