What I hear from most inside sales teams is, “We do a lot of call coaching. I sit close by our reps so we overhear just about every one of their calls.”

That is not call coaching.

Your rep’s end of the cold call tells you one thing: whether or not they’re saying what’s on the talk track.

The problem with this approach is that prospects don’t care about talk tracks or scripts.

They care about whether or not you can help them fix a problem. Or helping them understand a problem or missed opportunity they didn’t know they had.

The only way you can tell if a rep is effectively doing that is by listening to call recordings.

You’re probably wondering how much time this takes. And what this looks like on a weekly basis. Yeah?

In their interview, Kevin Dorsey and Rob Jeppsen talked about the call coaching structure Kevin’s team uses at PatientPop Inc..

Here’s what they do every week (Kevin, feel free to add here):

▶︎ Reps self-coach three of their own calls

▶︎ Reps coach one of their peer’s calls

▶︎ Managers listen to 3-4 calls for each rep

This simple structure, done consistently, will pay huge dividends.

What’s your call coaching structure?

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