The mental gymnastics of prospecting and selling.

The number one complaint from every sales leader I talk to? Their team doesn’t pick up the phone as much as they’d like.

Sales teams share dozens of reasons with me about why they’re reluctant to pick up the phone. But it comes down to one core theme:

“I don’t want to be salesy and bug the prospect.”

Let’s flip that around.

As my good friend Jeff Bajorek says, “What would make your call WORTH the interruption?”

Well, there’s two parts to that.

What you say and how you say it.

Here are some things that make interruptions worth it for the prospect:

✅ Learning about a problem they didn’t know they had
✅ Learning how to fix a problem they know they have, but in a way that takes less time or money
✅ Learning more about their competition and others in a similar their role

The “how you say it” part is all about confidence. Here are some quick things you can do to improve your confidence:

✅ Pour through every single case your company has
✅ Watch and read every testimonial or positive review for your company’s service or product
✅ Talk to your best customers or sit in on a few customer success calls


How else have you dealt with call reluctance?


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