They’ve interviewed guests from top companies like , and my friend .

I had a great time jamming with David on the podcast last week.

A big topic we covered was the missed opportunity between marketing, sales, and product.

I can’t stress how important it is to collaborate together on messaging.

Salespeople, you can learn from marketers and their best-performing headlines and content. Steal those headlines for your emails and CTAs. Share the most popular content as a way to add value when prospecting.

Marketers, you can learn from salespeople about what they’re hearing on the front lines. Pay close attention to the challenges and aspirations prospects are sharing during discovery. Then create content to address them.

Product, you can glean new ideas from marketing and sales to build features that address pain points people are sharing in the market place.

Marketing, sales, and product have a huge opportunity to get a 2-3x return on your messaging by working together.


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