I’m tired of this argument.

Not because cold calling, without a doubt, does still work.

I’m tired because the argument is between salespeople and “sales gurus.”

What our prospects think about cold calling is more important than what salespeople think.

When surveyed, 82% of B2B buyers said they accepted meetings from salespeople who reached out to them in the last 12 months. And 69% of buyers accepted cold calls from new providers.

The RAIN Group also found that top performers earned the lion’s share of results, generating 2.7x more meetings than the rest of their team.

Let’s stop the cold calling debate.

And focus instead on what prospects want from a prospecting call:

✅ I don’t want your script or a fancy opener, I want to know why you’re calling.

✅ I don’t want to schedule an appointment, I want to know the value of continuing the conversation.

✅ I don’t want to buy your product right now. Stop selling me.

✅ I expect smart questions, not qualifying questions that feel like an interrogation.

✅ I want to know if you did your homework. And nope, knowing where I went to college isn’t good enough.

What else would you add to the list of things prospects want from a cold call?

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