Every time, without fail, my heart races before dialing. And my hands get sweaty.

After 13 years of making them, I still fear rejection.

“It’s just rejection. It’s not that big of a deal!”

Well to me, it’s a big deal. 

And I’m not alone.

It brings me back to—

—being made fun of as a kid for being Asian. 

—the first time a girl told me I wasn’t popular enough to be her boyfriend.

—and every door that was slammed in my face when I sold door to door.

Fearing rejection is human nature.

And that’s the first step in dealing with it. 

Tell yourself it’s okay to be fearful. It means you’re human. And there’s no shame in it.

The next step is reframing success and failure.

Setting a meeting isn’t the only successful outcome.

Gathering intel is the real goal. 

Learning about the company, who influences the decision, internal sales triggers…

That’s where the gold is.

The cool part? There’s an approach to cold calling this way.

It’s called Smart Calling.

And Art Sobczak is about to release the 3rd edition of Smart Calling. 

It’s hands down THE BEST book out there on prospecting with the phone.

And I’m giddy about getting a shout out for the Reply Method.

Grab the book in Amazon here.

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