From: A rep reaching out to a prospect to help them save money on their utilities.

This email landed a meeting with their CFO.

What he did well:

1️⃣ Short and sweet subject line

2️⃣ Talks explicitly about a problem many CFOs have in that industry. He used non-assumptive language like “this happens through no fault of…” so the prospect doesn’t feel stupid

3️⃣ Short and sweet explanation of how they help and expected results.

4️⃣ Simple CTA. This is a hard CTA asking for time, but it works.

5️⃣ He linked to 3 relevant video testimonials from similar clients in similar industries.

It’s nice and tight at 107 words. It hits on relatable problems. He doesn’t come in trying to be a know-it-all. There’s a simple explanation of how they can help. And he’s very clear with next steps if the prospect is interested.

✅ I’d give this email an 8.1/10

Only area that could be improved is the personalization piece. But kind of hard to be too picky when it landed a meeting!


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