When too many reps use the same email templates, they stop working. I’ve received the same exact “is it me?” breakup email dozens of times. And every time, it gets deleted.

Automation will replace the rep who only has the skills to send a template.

Instead of looking for the next cold email template to copy/paste, create your own cold email template that’s specifically tailored to your target audience:

Here are the key parts of a successful cold email:

▶︎ Results – Get the prospect’s attention by sharing relevant results you’ve achieved with similar 

▶︎ Empathy – Show the prospect you’re one of them by relating through a challenge or situation the prospect experiences

▶︎ Personalization – Show that your outreach was intentional by sharing something you found on their LinkedIn, website, or news article that’s related to why you’re reaching out

▶︎ Laser-focus – Get to the point in 3-5 sentences or less

▶︎ You – Make the prospect the hero, not your product/service

Here’s the structure of an email following the Reply Method:

Hey [first name],




[your name]

For examples of good/bad cold emails, check out my recent article on Sales Hacker here.

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