The content out there on cold emailing isn’t great.

When I started cold emailing back in 2013, it was even worse.

Software companies posted their cold email templates of the month, none of which ever worked that well.

I learned through trial and error that those templates were missing a few key ingredients…like a solid value prop and addressing the prospect’s challenges. And they were very “markety” sounding.

I still had questions:

“What should the cold email say?”

“How personalized should every email be?

Do I have to custom write every one of them?”

“What should I do if the emails aren’t getting any responses?”

In the last few years, we’ve written thousands of cold emails for our clients. And sent them to hundreds of thousands of prospects.

During this time we developed a framework for writing cold emails called the REPLY Method:

– Results

– Empathy

– Personalization

– Laser-focus

– You

We put up a guide on our website so you can start increasing your reply rates, setting more meetings, and closing more deals.

Check the guide here.

👇 How do you approach cold emailing? What’s worked well for you?

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