If sales, marketing, and product work in silos, it’s like eating a bowl of flour and then washing it down with a glass of water. Not very tasty.

The magic happens when the ingredients are mixed together, the dough rises, and then it’s baked in the oven.

Your messaging to attract new customers works the same way.

When sales, marketing, and product collaborate, prospects really start to feel that you know and understand them.

This level of empathy makes for a killer message.

✅ Create a rolling meeting once per month where product, sales, and marketing collaborate to understand more about your customers.

Product teams: share user feedback about the results your product creates for your customers and the problems it fixes. Sales and marketing, use these nuggets in your messaging.

Marketing teams: share the copy from your top-performing landing pages, paid ads, and social posts. Sales, use these lines in your email copy and talk tracks.

Sales teams: share the pain points and goals prospects tell you during discovery. Marketing, use this in your copy.

How do you encourage collaboration between departments to improve messaging?

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