LinkedIn DMs shouldn’t look or feel like cold emails. 


Because people don’t use LinkedIn the same way they use email.

They use LinkedIn the way they text.

Texting is conversational. It’s informal. And you text the way you talk. 

Use LinkedIn the same way. 

Stop being so formal. 

Stop being so long-winded with multiple paragraphs. 

And for god-sake, PLEASE STOP pitching so damn much. 

Get a conversation started. 

Then see if it makes sense to have a call. 

And don’t just ask for 15-30 minutes of their time. 

Share what they’ll learn from the conversation. Bring something to the table.

Teach don’t take. 

Check the video for the step-by-step process our clients use for landing meetings through LinkedIn.



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Morgan Ingram, Sarah Brazier, Kendra Lee, Larry Levine, Darryl Praill, Alex Boyd, Sarah Jane Hicks, Jeremy Leveille, Alexine Mudawar, Leah Neaderthal, Justin Welsh, and Brynne Tillman are dropping some knowledge on how to use LinkedIn to build your personal brand and land meetings with your ideal clients.

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