Common advice for improving outbound messaging, right? But easier said than done. It’s especially hard if you’re not sure what questions to ask.

 from  came on the podcast to share his first 6 weeks on the job as their Head of Sales.

They haven’t done outbound before, and he’s building the process from scratch.

Here’s his advice:

✅ Lean on your Co-founders and manager

Who do they know that would be great to talk with? That would be open to the conversation?

✅ Be transparent with the ask

“Hey I’m the new head of sales at Canny. I’m really trying to understand what your day-to-day is like and why you chose to go with Canny…”

✅ Ask great questions

“Why did you start looking into ________?”

“What has ________ helped you do? What couldn’t you do before that you can do now?”

“Can you walk me through your day?”

“Seems like you’re doing a good job today. What changed? What couldn’t you do before you started using ________?”

You need to be able to talk as if you are your prospect. To speak from their perspective.

When you can do that, your outbound messaging will get great response rates.


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