Wingman analyzed 2 million minutes over 222,577 sales calls in the last 12 months.

And a big chunk of those were cold calls.

When a permission-based opener was used, 46.78% of those calls ended with next steps. Compared to 36.14% of calls advancing to next steps when it wasn’t used.

So they definitely work.

Here’s the formula for a permission-based opener:

[empathize] + [time] + [permission]

[empathize] “I know I caught you right in the middle of your morning and you’re probably slammed with meetings.”

[time] “But do you have a minute for me to tell why I’m calling?”

[permission] “And then you can decide if you’d like to keep chatting?”

Use that formula to build your own openers and have a little fun with it!

I’m running a webinar with Shruti Kapoor, CEO of Wingman, next week to chat all about these topics and more.

The theme is: Sales “Best Practices” That Actually Hurt Your Results.

Turns out upfront contracts are a good best practice. But we found and debunked a half dozen common best practices that are actually hurting your results.

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