That’s right, stop being so damn nice to people you don’t know.

I’m guilty of being a “nice guy” for most of my life.

“Jason’s such a nice guy.”

I always took it as a compliment when someone described me that way.

The problem with “being nice” is that it was more about my fear of rejection and seeking the other person’s approval—than it was about helping the other person.

By wanting to be nice, I was being selfish. And needy.

Weird, right?

If you look up “nice,” you’ll see that it’s described as being: pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory.

I’ve never heard a prospect or client describe a salesperson they respected as being any of those things.

Usually what I hear is: thoughtful, empathetic, knowledgeable, caring, helpful, etc.

So the next time you approach a cold prospect, don’t be nice. Don’t seek their approval.

Focus on being helpful. Challenge them with a thoughtful question or two. Show them a different way of thinking about things.

Make it about them.

How do you want prospects to describe you?

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