When prospecting, there’s this thinking that we should save our best stuff for last.

We put the best parts of our outbound sequence towards the middle or end. We save the personalized video for later in the cadence. 

The problem with this approach is that prospecting isn’t like watching a movie. 

When you watch a movie, you’re opting in to spend a few hours of your time there. 

You’ve read the reviews. You’ve seen the trailers. 

The expectation is that the best part of the movie happens towards the end. 

Prospecting is more like a movie trailer. 

If the trailer sucks, you won’t watch the movie. And if the trailer was just the first two minutes of the movie, it would be awful.

Great movie trailers give us a snapshot of the best parts of the movie.

Give your prospects the movie trailer version of the problems your product solves, and don’t hold anything back.

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