If you get a voicemail the first time you call a prospect, hang up and call them right back. 

Pick up rates should increase by 10-20% if you’re consistent with this technique.

Sounds simple enough, right? So why don’t more reps do it? 

They’re scared. 

“What if this annoys the prospect and they call me out? I feel like I’m bothering them.”

It’s a valid fear. But not a good excuse for not doing it.

What will help is if you’re prepared with how a response.

Prospect: “Why did you call me twice in a row?”

You: “Sounds like I might have caught you in the middle of something. Totally fair question and I can see why it’d be weird getting a call from a random stranger twice in a row. Do you have a minute so I can share why I’m calling? And then you can decide if you want to keep chatting?”

Any variation of that will work. 

Empathize with the prospect. And validate why it might be off-putting to get called back to back like that. Then go in for your permission-based opener.

What are your thoughts on double taps? Do you use them?


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