And the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on salespeople who don’t have it.

If you’re hyper-aware of the psychology at play right now with your prospects, you can better empathize with them:

🧠 Loss Aversion: People’s tendency to prefer avoiding losses to acquiring equivalent gains.

Adjust your messaging to focus on minimizing loss vs. achieving gain. Show them how you can help minimize their losses. 

“Could I share what similar companies are doing right now to reduce rep attrition and save what’s left in their pipeline?”

🧠 Catastrophizing: A cognitive distortion that prompts people to jump to the worst possible conclusion after a minor setback. 

Be very understanding and patient with prospects in panic mode. Be a resource to help them in this journey.

“Would it be crazy to take a look at a few resources that could help your reps continue setting meetings with prospects?

What other psychology are you seeing in action right now?

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