Frequently Asked Questions


How should I set up the new email addresses?

Start by creating a two new email addresses through G-Suite or Outlook:

If you use 2-step verification, please use the backup codes option and provide us the list of codes.

Email us the username and password through Privnote

  • This creates a secure link
  • Put your usernames, passwords, and backup codes (if applicable) in the note section
  • Click on ‘Create Note’
  • Copy the link and send in an email back to us

How do I set up a CNAME?

Email tools use hyperlinked images to detect if a prospect opens the email. Usually, the hyperlink is a long, randomized link. This can trigger SPAM filters.

The CNAME helps us create a unique link from your website URL that looks natural to SPAM filters:

What email should I send to set up the client interviews?

Here's a template you can use, CC me at [email protected] on the emails:

Hi [first name],

[insert something personal]

I’m reaching out for a favor. We’re working with a consultant to improve the buying experience our clients have when they communicate with us early on in the process.

We really enjoyed working with you and were wondering how we could have improved your buying experience. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Do you have 20-25 minutes to spare this week or next for a call with our consultant? They’re on the email chain here.

Totally understand if you’re busy. More than happy to work around your schedule.


[your name]