If you’re not leading with the problems that you solve, you more than likely won’t get a response from your cold emails and cold calls.

This is where 3D Challenges come in.

1. Org-level challenges
2. Persona-level challenges
3. Situational challenges *the gold

For example, we help #nonprofits partner with brands to support their mission.

An org-level challenge sounds like, “Nonprofits have challenges finding corporate partners that align with their mission.”

Decent start.

But really worked well was going a layer deeper into persona-level challenges.

What we heard them say in sales calls was, “Lack of manpower for development. We’re a small team.”

Talking about this challenge in our cold outreach worked very well.

But where we started to see even more success was when we added a third layer to make it 3D.

We focused on situational challenges.

That sounded like: “One of the big challenges Chief Development Officers share with us is that putting together their target list of partners at the beginning of the month goes great…but then they don’t have time to reach out to them. Another month goes by, and we haven’t made any progress.”

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