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Prospecting is the number one challenge sales teams struggle with...

You're not alone. The average cold email response rate is 1%. The average success rate for a cold call is 1.48%.

What most sales teams do in this situation is Google “best cold email templates” or "what to say in a cold call."

This approach doesn't build a solid foundation and understanding of what works. And that's a problem.

The key to successful prospecting is committing to the fundamentals. Not relying on the latest copy/paste script or template.

If done right, outbound is where you'll find your best customers

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Training & Coaching

The goal of our training program is to provide you with the systems, coaching, and accountability to grow your sales pipeline faster with more consistency.

Our promise is that during our time together, your team will be able to effectively:

  • Breakthrough to more of the right decision-makers
  • Nail your messaging (phone, email, and LinkedIn)
  • Build consistent, scalable pipeline
  • Break into larger accounts
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Grow your outbound sales


Increase the number of quality appointments per rep, and land meetings faster with more consistency.


For groups (on-site or remote) to cover topics like:

  • Making the shift to Outbound 3.0
  • How to increase cold email response rates by 2-3x using the Reply Method
  • Personalization at scale
  • Leveraging 1to1 personalized videos to increase cold outreach response rates
  • How to cold call with confidence
  • Cold call coaching
  • Handling objections like a pro
  • How to create an inbound engine with LinkedIn

Topics are customized to your needs.

Ongoing Support

The worst thing you can do is spend a ton of your time and money on training, only for your reps to go back to what they were doing before. Habit building is essential for long-term success.

Ongoing support for your team is provided through coaching and consulting to help you reinforce what your reps learned from training.

What others are saying...

"Jason’s content and pointers for prospecting have been fantastic for my team and I – luckily, we are doing a lot of things correctly, however we did not have this much structure down, which is really important – in sales, if it’s not repeatable, it’s not worth doing – ESPECIALLY for prospecting. Regardless if we were doing things correctly, we didn’t KNOW we were doing it correctly. We went from “well I’m pretty sure this is right” to “okay I know this works – do it more, I need to stop doing that, and now I know how to create a good subject line!” We were also doing some things incorrectly, and upon finding this out in some of Jason’s “Don’ts,” it makes total sense why. Regardless of your B2B prospecting skills, I have no doubt you can find value in something from Jason and Blissful Prospecting."

Michael Fasbender

Applications Sales Executive @ Oracle
I’ve had two meetings with Jason...and my entire prospecting approach is now changed permanently. He is vastly experienced and has developed smart strategies for prospecting that have proven over and over again to deliver results­, just ask him for a case-study...I have and will continue to recommend Jason and Blissful Prospecting to anyone who wants to increase their client pipeline.

Derek Pangelinan

Founder @ Derek Rey Consulting
Jason Bay is, hands-down, one of my go-to sources for information about prospecting. To say he's an expert is an understatement. He intuits what's working and what's not, and has the data to back it up. I was thrilled to interview Jason on my podcast, The Show, where he shared (some of) what he knew about prospecting. I also regularly refer business to Jason and recommend him to my own prospects who want done-for-you prospecting. Follow Jason, you'll thank me later.

Liston Witherill

Founder @ Liston Witherill Consulting
Jason doesn't just use LinkedIn to add numbers to his network and find prospective clients (though he definitely knows how to do all of that, at a masterful level - and can help you do it as well). He's also a highly generous person who truly walks the talk when it comes to using networking to help others, not only himself...

Christine Gritmon

Owner @ Christine Gritmon Inc.
Partnerships and collaborations are the largest form of revenue for Keep A Breast. As a small nonprofit organization, I wear many hats and don't have the time to spend pitching. Working with Blissful Prospecting has allowed me the time to focus on making the partnerships come to life and bring them more value. The Blissful team really gets us and are able to capture our unique voice in the outreach!

Shaney jo Darden

Founder @ Keep A Breast Foundation
Dude, Jason rocks. I'm a pretty good judge of character and after knowing him for 2+ years, I know he's an asset to any Rolodex...And he's a prospecting savant! Can't speak highly enough of him...

Benjamin Holmgren

Managing Partner @ Elite Coaching
Jason helped me personally with actionable steps that were easy to understand and very effective. After Jason, my LinkedIn profile and social media understanding are drastically improved!

Dean Plassaras

Founder @ Bold Ape
Jason is knowledgeable, practical, creative, and passionate about helping clients and people in his large network...Instead of trying to make things more complicated and expensive, he knows they need streamlined and affordable...

Shawn Greene

Founder @ Savage and Greene
I am so grateful for Jason and Sara and their incredible knowledge with LinkedIn and email campaigns. I couldn't believe how much I didn't know! It's been amazing for my company and my own workflow using what Blissful Prospecting has taught me. And they are a joy to work with. I could not recommend them enough!

Laura Latimer

Founder @ Nomadicare
"We've traditionally had a lot of success with shoe companies. But we've been having a hard time breaking into large enterprises and retail companies outside of shoes and apparel. We don't have many connections at companies in these industry verticals we really want to work with. We hired Blissful Prospecting to help us and they've been awesome! They've helped us break into Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest retailers in the United States. And since they're setting the appointments, it doesn't take up too much of our development team's bandwidth."

Pattie Graben

VP of Corporate Development @ Soles4Souls

Grow your outbound sales

Learn how to grow your outbound sales pipeline faster with more consistency.

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