Make six-figures. Get promoted. Sell seven figures.

The problem? Every salesperson has those goals. And most fail. 

The difference between top performers and the rest of the pack isn’t that they set better goals.

It’s their consistency with the ***habits and activities*** that drive those outcomes.

As you set goals for 2021, think about the bad sales habits in your daily routine. 

Here are a few prospecting-focused examples:

Lack of daily, non-negotiable prospecting blocks

Relying too much on email/social and neglecting the phone

Blasting prospects with spammy emails

Pinpoint the specific habits getting in the way of your results.

And make 2021 about individually replacing each of those bad habits with good ones. Really dig into the obstacles keeping you from making those a habit.

For example…

If you’re not prospecting every day, block it off in your calendar. If you’re not following through with that, pause and assess. 

What’s holding you back? Why aren’t you following through? 

Is it a lack of confidence in your messaging? Lack of accountability? Focus on that first.

Make 2021 about doubling down on replacing bad habits. And tackle every obstacle standing in the way.


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