▶︎ 7% of your communication is through spoken word

▶︎ 38% is your voice and tone

▶︎ 55% is your body language

The prospect can’t see your body language over the phone, so most salespeople conclude that 93% of your cold call is tonality. 

And 7% is what you say.

That’s a terrible interpretation of the study, which has been debunked several times.

Tonality is a big part of cold calling, but it isn’t everything. 

Don’t stress out too much about “improving your tonality.”

Odds are that your tonality is pretty good. 

It just doesn’t come out in your cold calls.

Shift your focus away from improving your tonality. 

And focus instead on putting yourself in a mental and physical state that allows your tonality to come out in a way that’s natural and authentic.

Here are some practical tips:

✅ Shift your focus from “how can I sell to this person?” to “how can I help this person?”

✅ Channel the times when you have the most social energy

✅ Put your favorite music on

✅ Stand up or sit straight up at the edge of your chair 

✅ Go for a quick 5-minute walk before your call blitzes, get your blood flowing

✅ Smile when you talk

What would you add to the list?

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