Think about the best sales manager you’ve ever had.

Did they control every aspect of how you executed your job? Or did they give you some freedom to figure things out and to learn your own way?

It’s probably somewhere in the middle.

Andy Paul came on the podcast to share his best sales manager/coach’s style:

1) He believed in Andy

It meant a lot to know that his sales manager believed in him. That gave him a lot of confidence knowing that he could be trusted to get the job done.

2) He didn’t try to clone their best reps

Andy’s sales manager didn’t try to make him a clone of their best reps.

He allowed Andy to develop himself. His own way of doing things. His own style.

He gave Andy some freedom.

Where we can get into trouble leading through fear. We become short-sighted and focus only on “what will get the best results right now.” And don’t think about long-term what’s best for our reps.

Reps should be allowed some autonomy so they can build their critical thinking muscles. And become the best versions of themselves.


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