Look up your competitor’s positive AND negative reviews.


To understand how your product/service is positioned against the alternative. If you’re prospecting to people already using a competitor, you need to understand why.

If you sell software, look at your competitor’s pages on these sites:

Salesforce AppExchange

If you sell professional services, use these sites:

Google Reviews

Make sure you look at your own reviews as well. Look for any indication or comparison, especially mentions of why people switched.

Then use this information to frame questions when you get the “we’re already using XYZ” objection.

“Sounds like you’re taken care of and have already put a lot of thought into this. And you’re probably wondering why it would make sense to continue chatting to me if that’s the case. If you’re willing to share…I’m curious, one thing I hear a lot from people that use XYZ software is they really love __________, but really don’t like __________. How have you dealt with that?”

See if that gets the prospect to open up.


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