Here’s how I cold emailed my way onto 27 of the top sales podcasts with folks like Jennifer Gluckow Jeffrey Gitomer John Barrows Brian G. Burns Ian Altman, B2B Growth Expert and many more.

1️⃣ Built initial social proof

We started from nothing. But I knew a few podcasters like  and Liston Witherill. Those initial interviews gave us social proof to share in our emails.

2️⃣ Researched and qualified podcasts

We focused on podcasts with our ideal audience (B2B sales reps and teams). Then looked for indicators of an engaged audience: 10+ reviews on iTunes and consistently releasing new episodes every month.

3️⃣ Made it easy to say “yes” to me

It’s NOT about a special email template. I listened to a full episode of their show and specifically mentioned this in the email using a Vidyard video.

Then I suggested topics. One of the challenging parts of creating content is thinking of a topic.

I didn’t ask, “When can we do an interview?” The non-assumptive approach worked better, “Is this something your audience would find valuable?”

I used Mixmax for emailing. The campaign had a 79% open rate, 42% reply rate, and 35.5% success rate.

Want to see behind the scenes what the emails looked like?

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