They don’t feel very good when you use them.

And you know the prospect is rolling their eyes on the other end of the phone.

Objection handling is not about magic words and phrases. It’s about acknowledging the prospect and making them feel understood.

Joel French shares an objection handling technique he learned during our boot camp.

Prospect: “I already know what ABC Company does, and honestly we’ve already built a solution that works for us. We’re good.”

Rep: “Totally understand. Sounds like you’re covered. And you’re probably wondering why it would make sense to keep talking…

Would it hurt to talk about how others in your space are automating some of the manual tasks that come with homegrown solutions, how they’re cutting costs, and how they’re accelerating their data product production?”

First, empathize with the prospect. Acknowledge them.

Second, validate where they’re coming from.

Third, now you can go in with an offer for next steps.

Give the prospect what they need first, then you can make your ask second.


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