Ned Arick, M.S. is creating the outbound process from scratch right now at So of course, I wanted to pick his brain.

✅ Day 1: Phone, voicemail, email

Call first. Leave a voicemail and then point the voicemail to your email.

This feels like a multi-channel experience for the prospect. That part is VERY important.

This is based on the Combo Prospecting method from Tony J. Hughes.

✅ Day 2: Bump email



“Worth a chat?”

This email usually gets the highest response rates.

✅ Day 3: Social proof

“ABC company solved _________ problem and had this return.”

He shares a case study or some sort of visual that showcases the before and after.

✅ Day 4: Send LinkedIn video

“These are things I’m hearing, would love to share with you how we’re helping.”

Again, repurpose the messaging from the previous touches.

Once you finish this cycle, repeat the same pattern in week 2. But focus on a different pain point in your messaging.


Listen to the full interview with Ned here to hear more about his sequences.


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