Terrible line to open up your cold calls.

“How’ve you been during this COVID-19 thing?”

Even worse.

They’re insincere, tone-deaf, and what everyone is saying right now. 

Your job is to be different.

Here are lines we’re coaching our clients on that are working well right now:

“I know it’s kind of a weird time to be making cold calls when there’s a pandemic going on…” (borrowed from Sarah Brazier who shared this in our podcast interview)

“I’m cold calling you right now. It should take me about 30 seconds to tell you why I called and about 30 seconds for you to tell me if you want to keep talking. Sound fair?” I’ve been coaching Jonathan Mahan on using this line (originates from Sandler upfront contracts)

“I know I probably caught you at home in the middle of something…” (my personal favorite)

“I’m sure the last thing you’re expecting right now is a cold call…”

“I know this call was probably unexpected, so I’ll get right to it…”

How are you opening your cold calls?


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