Here’s what I reflected on during my time off.

✅ Revisit my values

I had to remind myself that these are the most important things in my life, in this order:

Health (mental and physical)
Freedom (financial and work)

It’s given me a fresh perspective on what I should be saying “no” to more often.

✅ Have more fun with my morning routine

I’ve gone back and forth on this in the last 10 years. For a while, it was the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

Then that started feeling like work. So I backed off into a routine of reviewing my goals for about two minutes first thing in the morning.

Now I’m incorporating exercise into that routine (mostly long walks) while listening to my favorite podcasts.

✅ Hobbies are important

Many of my hobbies got pushed aside in the last few years growing our business. Cooking is a big passion of mine.

Right now I’m focusing on upgrading a few of the most common meals we eat for dinner.

I’m not optimizing it. Not measuring it (except for taste of course!).

And not putting pressure on myself with any overarching goal or deadline.

I’d love your feedback.

How have you dealt with anxiety?


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