We can be so focused on this that sometimes we forget…

There isn’t one decision-maker.

Landing a meeting with the C-suite is great. But that isn’t usually where the conversation starts.

This isn’t exclusive to the enterprise. It’s any company with 50+ employees if you’re selling something that isn’t transactional.

Here are the people you can prospect and start conversations with as well:

Assistants. Work WITH the assistant to get a better idea of the inner workings of the company. This can be your best resource for getting started.

Influencers. These people weigh heavily on the decision to use your solution. Typically, they’re end-users or people managing end-users. Make them your champion.

Decision-makers. People that are trusted to make the final decision because they control the budget. Remember, influencers need to be on board as well to pull the trigger.

Lastly, there are blockers. You don’t need to prospect to them, but ask your champion who these people might be early on in the sales process. It’ll be important to get them on board as well.

Anyone else you’d add?

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