I wrote a post last week about why you should stop being so nice to your prospects.

And it really struck a nerve with a lot of people.

Here’s my favorite feedback from the comments on that post:

“One of the best questions you can ask a prospect is ‘can I give you some feedback?’ It’s obtaining permission to be completely authentic and offer a perspective you might not otherwise share out of fear of upsetting the apple cart.”
Eric Rosen

“Great post Jason, need for approval is a dangerous trait in sales! I’m constantly working to be the ‘doctor’ and remove the need for approval, and instead ‘prescribing’.”
Rachel Mackey

“Well said and I’ve been so guilty over the years. ‘Nice’ may get you the meeting, but it will never get you the deal.”
Tony Lenhart

“Nice is a great tool, but not one to lead with. Prove your worth, qualify the prospect, THEN be nice.”
Dylan Gala

“I’ve found that trust trumps flattery in productive relationships. That doesn’t mean you get to be nasty. But honesty delivered in a sincere and productive way is always the road to the best outcome for all parties involved.”
Scot Hulshizer

How have you dealt with being too nice?

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