Stop trying to like it. Instead, accept that it’s a necessary part of your job.

Prospecting is a lot like eating healthy and exercising. 

I know many people who do those two things very consistently.

But few of them are excited about it.

“I LOVE kale and broccoli.” Said no one ever.

It comes down to one thing: their values. 

Those people value their health.

If you value something, you’ll do whatever it takes to live your life in alignment with those values. You’ll learn, develop, and create habits around those things.

And if you don’t value something, you won’t. 

It’s that simple. 

For me, freedom is a big value. 

I had a ton of credit card debt in my early 20s. About $60k (whew…that’s embarrassing).

There was a moment where I realized my minimum payments weren’t covering the interest charges racking up each month.

And that feeling is what drives me to track our finances every single day. To not spend money on stupid sh!t.

And to grind out the not so fun parts of being a business owner.

What do you value? 

And if you’re having a tough time prospecting more consistently, how can you connect it with something you really value in life?


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