There are a few ways you can speed up the process:

✅ Advice

Don’t take advice from people who tell you what you should do. And don’t take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with in that area.

Bad advice is detrimental to your success. Great advice can change your career. 

Be proactive about seeking advice and mentorship. Start with the people at your company.

✅ Learning

The #1 skill you can master is learning how to learn. How quickly you can sift through the BS and get to the “aha!” moments will determine how fast you pick up new skills.

And in today’s sales landscape, you’re rewarded heavily for your ability to adapt and change.

Check out Tim Ferriss‘s DiSSS system for more on accelerated learning. 

✅ Subtraction

Sometimes the best way to grow is through subtraction. Instead of looking for ways to do more, what could you remove? What could you simplify? 

Then take a look at what’s working well. How could you 2-3x your results in those areas?

Focus on removing, not adding.

What do you contribute to your sales success?

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