Sure, landing a meeting with the C-suite or a VP is the end goal.

But starting there isn’t always the best route.

Two VPs commented in our intro calls last week saying they appreciated me reaching out to their sales team first.

Let’s think about this approach from their perspective and why it works:

✅ I’m more likely to take a meeting if you have insights. Knowing my tech stack isn’t enough. Spend time learning how we’re currently handling what you can help us with vs. how similar companies are doing it.

✅ I’m more likely to take a meeting if you show me that you’ve put in the work. Talk to a few people on my team so you can show that if I take your call I won’t spend the entire time catching you up.

✅ I’m more likely to take a meeting if you can help me with a top priority. Do some digging to find out what our top priorities are right now as a department. Mention that in your outreach by tying together my priorities to how you can help.

Talk to prospects a level or two lower than normal and use those conversations to bring insider information up to the decision-makers.

VPs/C-suite, what would you add?

For the rest of us, what have you found works best to land these meetings?

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