And don’t wait until the new year to get started.

Try these two things instead of setting new year’s resolutions:

✅ Don’t overthink your goals

Sure, you could spend hours planning out the perfect year. And the dozen things you want to change about yourself. But how’s that been working for you?

Instead, try focusing on making a change in one area of your personal life and one area of your professional life. And start now!

✅ Focus on a shorter time frame

Work on 6-week projects. Basecamp takes this approach. They sprint for 6 weeks and then go into maintenance mode for 2 weeks where they rest between sprints.

Take this approach as a sales professional with your skill development…work on your demos for 6 weeks. Then tackle cold calling. Then tackle discovery…and so forth.

Check out the video for more from my good friend Jeff Bajorek.



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