We know the result we want (six-pack abs).

Then we go on a search to find someone with a six-pack who has a formula to follow.

I did this a few months ago when my wife Sara Bay (she’s a New Yorker), told me I had some “love handles” going on.

I went searching online for people with the body I wanted…lean but not too muscular.

Then I looked at their diets, expecting them to say similar things like eat low carb, increase protein intake, etc.

Turns out diet is what they had LEAST in common. They were all on different diets! (see pic)

Similar results, different methods.

But what they all had in common was consistency in these areas:

▶︎ Exercise
▶︎ Calorie regulation
▶︎ Avoid sugar/processed foods
▶︎ Sleep
▶︎ Water

This made me think about sales methodologies.

If I showed you a random picture of a hundred reps crushing their quotas—what they would NOT have in common is their sales methodology.

Instead, they’d be consistently great in these areas:

▶︎ Prospecting
▶︎ Discovery
▶︎ Objection handling
▶︎ Closing
▶︎ Following up

The key to successful selling/prospecting is doing the fundamentals really well.

Not subscribing to a specific methodology.

Or using a magic script/template.

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